Welcome to the Vintage Sailplane Association

The purpose of the Vintage Sailplane Association (VSA) is to promote the acquision, restoration and flying of vintage sailplanes by its members, and to assist the National Soaring Museum in the preservation of soaring history and the promotion of vintage sailplane activity.

A Vintage Sailplane is any glider of a type first flown prior to 1958, or a more recently built glider with appearance, performance and construction characteristics similar to gliders built before 1958. Read more about vintage sailplanes

A Classic Sailplane is any glider of a type first flown prior to 1975, but not categorized as a Vintage Sailplane. Read more about classic sailplanes

VSA Officers
President: James Short simajim121@gmail.com
Vice President East: Rusty Lowry Lowry94@verizon.net
Vice President North: Lee Cowie lkcowie@gmail.com
Vice President South: Matthew Gonitzke matt.gonitzke@gmail.com
Vice President West:Cam Martin jcmartin@bak.rr.com
Secretary: David Schuur dschuur@frtci.net
Treasurer: Mary Cowie maryask18@gmail.com
Director at Large: Neal Pfeiffer nealpfeiffer@sbcglobal.net 

Board Members
Immediate Past Pres: David Schuur dschuur@frtci.net
Corporate Agent: Marita Rea Aviatrix282@earthlink.net

SSA Liaison: Burt Compton burtcompton@aol.com

Committee Chairs
Archives – Drawings: Neal Pfeiffer nealpfeiffer@sbcglobal.net
Archives – Documents: Lee Cowie lkcowie@gmail.com
Membership Coordinator: Robert Helland rhelland@sbcglobal.net
Classic Division: Josh Knerr   joshknerr@gmail.com

Vintage Sailplane Association
31757 Honey Locust Road
Jonesburg MO 63351-3195


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