vsa Letterhead

Revised June 2013

1. NAME. The name of the Organization (hereafter known as the Association) shall be the VINTAGE SAILPLANE ASSOCIATION INCORPORATED.

2. PURPOSE. The purpose of the organization shall be to promote the acquisition, restoration and flying of vintage sailplanes by its members, and to assist the National Soaring Museum in the preservation of soaring history and the promotion of vintage sailplane activity.

3. FUNDING. The Association shall be non profit. No funds or property of the Association shall inure to the benefit of any individual. Administration expenses shall be funded primarily by the assessment of annual membership dues.

4. MEMBERSHIP. Membership in the Association shall be open to all interested persons and shall include the following types of members:

Active Member. (I) A member who is actively engaged in the restoration, repair, construction or flying of vintage sailplanes.

Associate member. (A) A member who is involved in other activities assoc-ated with vintage sailplanes in one or more of the following categories: Student, Modeler, Social or Resident of a foreign country.

Honorary Member. (H) This membership may be extended to any person who has greatly contributed to the furtherance of the Association purposes by a 2/3 majority vote by a membership quorum at an Annual Meeting.

Life Member. (L) Life membership may be granted to individuals who pays a one time fee as specified by the Administration Officers. Such membership shall terminate upon the death of the member.

5. ADMINISTRATION. The Association shall function under the direction of up to 12 officers. Among these are:

1. President.
2-5. 4 Regional Vice presidents. (East, N. and S. Central and West).
6. Secretary.
7. Treasurer.
8. SSA Director/Liaison.*+
9. Corporate Agent.*+
10. Immediate Past President.*

*= If not serving in position 1 – 7.
+= Appointed position.
The officers shall be elected at each Annual Meeting, and shall serve two year staggered terms. The President and Secretary shall serve concurrently, as shall the Vice Presidents and Treasurer. The duties of the officers shall be those normally assigned to their office in accordance with common practice.

6. MEETINGS. An annual meeting shall be held each year in conjunction with an annual vintage sailplane regatta, or in conjunction with the annual convention of the Soaring Society of America (SSA). At each Annual Meeting, proposed changes to the bylaws shall be acted upon, and officers shall be elected. Any number of currently active members present at an Annual Meeting shall constitute a quorum. At least thirty days notice of the Annual meeting shall be given to the members, normally through the Association’s newsletter. The President may call other meetings of the membership or the officers at his/her discretion.

7. SUSPENSION OR TERMINATION. Any member may resign at any time by serving written notice to the Secretary. A member who fails to pay dues will automatically terminate his membership at the next Annual Meeting. Such member shall be assessed an amount equal to one years dues in the event of re-admission to the Association.

8. DISSOLVEMENT. The Association may be dissolved upon the written request of at least 3/4 of the current members in good standing. Following payment of all debt, any remaining assets shall be donated to the National Soaring Museum.

9. DEFINITIONS AND STANDARDS. A Vintage Sailplane is any glider of a type first flown prior to 1958, or a more recently built glider with appearance, performance and construction characteristics similar to gliders built before 1958. A Classic Sailplane is any glider of a type first flown prior to 1975, but not categorized as a Vintage Sailplane.

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