Vintage Achievement Coins

During the 1930’s the “Silver C” was established as an international award for soaring pilots who achieved a soaring flight in excess of five hours, a cross-country flight of more than 50 km and an altitude gain of more than 1000 meters.  Today the Silver C, and its follow-ons, the Golden C and Diamond badge are recognized around the world as a symbol of a pilot’s mastery of soaring flight.

The Vintage Soaring Achievement Coin was created in 2009 by VSA Director Rusty Lowry to recognize Vintage Sailplane Association member-pilots flying Silver C or better performances in vintage and classic sailplanes at recognized vintage meets. VSA members are encouraged to earn these coins and the recognition that accompanies them.

In keeping with the simplicity and sportsmanship of the vintage community, the rules are simple. Flights are recognized if they meet the requirements of any leg of a Silver (or Gold or Diamond) badge and are flown by a current VSA member. The pilot’s word is accepted as proof of the flight in lieu of a GPS trace or a barogram. Flights must be flown in a vintage or classic sailplane at a recognized meet where the coin program is offered; check with meet organizers if you are unsure. It is the responsibility of the pilot who has flown the leg to notify the meet organizer that he / she has flown the flight, and thus earned a coin, prior to the end of the meet. One coin may be earned per pilot at each eligible meet.